This newly created iteration of WRC 3124: “The Art of Persuasive Writing,” which is also cross-listed as ENG 2294, allows for both the study and creation of texts concerning travel. Grounded in Aristotelian notions of imitation and contemporary genre theory, students will read current and historical examples of writing about others/other places and then develop several short pieces of their own making—with guided feedback from all class members and instructors. Participants will also gain skills in digital literacy by sharing these writings in a public forum (such as this shared class blog—and, potentially, publishing these writings on TU’s public web space as student writers who are working abroad). We will spend ample time considering representation—both how we represent others (e.g., in our texts) and ourselves (both in our texts and as outsiders in a foreign country). The course defines “texts” broadly and expects student products will include alphabetic text as well as audio, digital images, and video. We will spend some time on TU’s campus for pre-travel preparation, including advance readings, lectures, and workshops; spend two weeks in residency at the Burren College of Art (with various side-trips to the Aran Islands, Galway, and more); and then return to campus to provide a concluding period for assessment, revision, and refinement of field work.