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January 2016


Dear 2016 Ireland May Term-ers,


I’m writing to you because Scott asked me to share my experience of traveling to

Ireland in May 2009 when I was a junior at Transylvania. I graduated in 2010 as a WRC

major and studio art minor; the May Term trip to County Clare is among one of my most

memorable experiences as a Transy student. Perhaps my words might sound like

unsolicited advice or the nostalgia of an alum, but I do hope that each of you know how

lucky you are to experience a unique trip you will embark on.


Ballyvaughn and the Burren College of Art are nestled in a beautiful, mysterious region.

As far as I know, there are no street lamps to guide you back at night from the village

pubs to your cottage (unless they’ve added them since). There are a handful of local

pubs, one good grocery store, and friendly folk nestled in the rolling green hills.

Everything you hear about Ireland can be found to be true if you look hard enough, but

you’ll also be surprised in a lot of ways too, I hope.


There’s a feeling to the land, far beyond its springy grass and cracked burden rock.

When you trek through the country, or to and from the art college campus day in and

day out, you’ll feel some sort of attachment to the landscape, trees, and structures that

you pass. New is pushed right up against old— things are seldom torn down there in

favor of expansion or construction. Heritage is tangled with the fast-paced, especially in

Galway. But then on the Aryan Islands, a beautiful feeling of isolation feels perfectly

content with the misty sea air and damp chill.


Each of these feelings has a tremendous impact on your writing and perception,

creativity, and awareness of how you make sense of the world. County Clare is to be

taken in all at once. Smell it, pick and press some flowers or clovers, and venture to the

beach if you can— I still have a shell that I absentmindedly put in the pocket of my rain

jacket the day we visited. (Oh and invest in a good, warm windbreaker or rain jacket).


Enjoy your trip and be mindful of how quickly it passes. You’re in for a real treat.


Safe travels,


Liz Lane

Class of 2010

Group Study Abroad Handbook

Please read this handbook carefully. You’ll find information about the Burren, our housing arrangements, tips about what to be sure to bring with you, and more: Group Study Abroad Handbook 2016

This is a website you’ll want to return to as the trip gets closer.

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