“From the Odyssey to Blogs: A History of Travel Writing” link

“The Travel Journal” PDF

Read/view on Sunday night (May 1)

  • NYT Travel: “Captivated by the Ganges, a River of Souls” link
  • NYT Travel: “Using Dance to Connect with Locals” link
  • National Geographic photo essay link

Read/listen to on Tuesday night (May 3)

  • NYT “In Ireland, Chasing the Wandering Soul of Yeats” link
  • Background essay on Yeats link
  • Use above link to read a few poems — definitely “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” and “The Wild Swans at Coole” (given the “place” nature of these poems) — but explore others, too.  “Easter, 1916” and “The Song of Wandering Aengus” are excellent (and referred to on our bus ride into the Burren)…
  • And, if you wish, here’s a lovely podcast on sound/rhythm in Yeats link

“Structure and Pace” PDF

Sample Photo Essays

  • Links to great photo essays from a photo journalism class syllabus link
  • Time list of ten great photo essays link

Yancey “Reflection-in-Presentation” PDF